About Our Sponsors and Sponsorship Levels

Our Sponsors have been really fantastic to us. We would like to share our appreciation for them in as many ways possible because they are the people who make our events possible.

Even though there are different levels, all sponsors are important to us, and they all make up a huge part of being able to do what we do.

Sponsors don’t just donate money, but they can also donate a service or product as well. Even if you do not have money to donate, if you have a service or product that you think might be beneficial to us for our events, let us know.

Our Title Sponsor- Speedo Foods & Flavours

We are excited to welcome Speedo Foods & Flavours as our Official 2017 Title Sponsor.

As the Speedo Foods Stroke & Stride Race Series, we look forward to bringing you great races in partnership with a company that believes in multisport the way we do.

Our On Course Nutrition Sponsor- Infinit Nutrition Canada

Infinit Nutrition is a Canadian based sport nutrition company that specializes in creating custom and sport specific nutrition for athletes.

Based out of Windsor, ON, Infinit caters to its customers by tailoring their sport drinks to the athlete’s specific needs and the nature of their sport.

Infinit uses only the highest quality ingredients in their blends, and source nearly everything from Canada.

They manufacture in their Windsor, ON headquarters in a pharmaceutical standard facility with ultra-premium raw materials.

Quality and service are their number one priority, and they are happy to take the time to help athletes reach their goals by providing them with the proper nutrition to get the job done.

“We’re proud to fuel Canada’s most elite athletes with the highest grade, ultra-premium sports nutrition. We look forward to providing the same high standards of customer service and quality product to you, too.

Whether you are a cyclist, a triathlete, CrossFitter, or somewhere in between we can help fuel you to your fullest potential.”

Our Swim Cap Sponsor- Swim Capz

Enhance your performance with custom swimming caps from SwimCapz.com.

Our large selection of caps for virtually every need enables you to choose caps that will deliver.

With our help, you can provide customized caps for your team or stand out at your next swim meet. Our products are made from the highest quality materials in the industry.”

Our Swim Course Sponsor- Fitness Technique

The Fitness Technique Inc. provides hassle free transport of bicycles to races and training camps in Canada and continental USA.

Unlike on airlines bicycles remain fully assembled to ensure that the fit that you have worked so hard to achieve and train on is maintained.

Only the pedals and front wheel are removed for transport. This saves you from renting a bike box, dissembling the bike, paying airline fees, reassembling the bike and reversing the order for the trip home.

We can also retrieve your bike from the transition area following the race and ensuring that it is returned home safely. We have successfully provided this service for over fifteen years. There are a number of economical options available which includes transporting your gear bag and race wheels.

Our Bike Valet Sponsor- Velofix

We are excited to announce that Velofix is our new Bike Valet Sponsor for Speedo Foods Stroke & Stride Series Races!

There will be a tent set up to visit, ask questions, as well as a bike valet that will be provided for you to park your bike on race day.

Our Presenting Sponsor

This presenting sponsor position is another fantastic spot to fill. With bragging rights and all, this position is definitely one to get your hands on.

With your business being recognized and mentioned many times throughout the event as well as on social media, you can’t go wrong!

Our Run Course Sponsor

You could be our run course sponsor!

All you have to do is email us and let us know that you would like to sponsor our run course, and you could have on course promotion as well as promotion over social media and our website!

Our Race Starter

As the official race starter,you and your business will gain exposure by being the one to start each and every race. With prominent mention on race announcements, signage on the course, and exposure on the website and on print, this is a premium sponsor position (Requires representative at each race).

Our Transition Sponsor

This excellent position provides you with valuable exposure for your brand with signage in the transition area and your logo on our website. We will also make announcements on social media and during the races as well as give you on site inclusion on our race promotion material.

If you would like to be one of our sponsors, please email us at [email protected]