Q: Are your races wetsuit legal?

A: They sure are! Races are wetsuit legal until the water temperature gets too high, which is rare in this area. If the water temperature does get too high, you can still race wearing a wetsuit – you will still get a result, that result merely won’t count for race winner, provincial championships, qualifying, or club championships.

Q: What are your prices?

A: Races are $40 for the adult 750m swim, $45 for the 1500m + 5km run.  Kids and youth races are $30.  You can save $5 ($3 for kids and youth) by registering early, for multiple races, and for being a member of a local club partner.  Race day is $50.

Q: Where are the races?

A: June 7th and July 5th races are at 7743 Conservation Rd, Guelph, ON N1H 6J1 (Guelph Lake Conservation Area).
August 2nd and September 7th races are at 792 Safari Rd, Millgrove, ON L0R 1V0 (Gulliver’s Lake).

Q: I’m not a great swimmer,can I still race?

A: Of course you can! We have certified life guards surrounding the water to keep you safe, so go at your own pace and have fun with it!

Q: My kid is not a great swimmer, can he wear a life jacket?

A: Definitely! Children ages 3-5 can wear/use anything they need to get through the race. Lifejackets, arm floaties, and even pool noodles are accepted in their race. We are encouraging the children to get into the water and experience what it feels like to complete in one of our races, so you can even be in the water with your child to help them out.

Q: Do I need a Triathlon Ontario membership to participate?

A: CCN will automatically cover you for the day for only $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children. Athletes who already have a Triathlon Ontario membership will be covered already and will not have to pay this fee.

Q:Are there relays?

A: No, unfortunately there are no relays – yet. Keep in mind this is year one – we’ve got big plans!

Q: Do I have to swim or can I only do a run?

A: It is a swim and run race so times will be taken from a combination of the two races.You are welcome to run the course on your own before any of the races start if you would just like to see what it is like.

Q: Is my club a member?

A: Check our website page ‘clubs‘ to see if your club is a member.
Don’t see your club? No problem! To make your club a partner club, simply put us in touch with your club’s leadership. All we ask of club partners is that they provide our race info to their members and promote Speedo Foods Stroke & Stride races on social media.

Q: Are there prizes?

A: Yes! Ages 16-19 and adult races winners will receive a ‘Swim. Run. Done.’ pink swim cap and a pink race winner t-shirt which they can wear anytime after the race. All kids finishers will receive a ribbon that is colour coordinated to their race, and the kids winners will receive a special pink ‘Swim. Run. Done.’ ribbon.

Q: Are the races electronically timed?

A: Yes, timing is fully electronically done by Speed River Timing. You will be wearing a typical ankle strap chip for the race which will be provided before you start.

Q: Is there a meal provided?

A: There are no meals provided.

Q: Is there course nutrition?

A: Our Course Nutrition Sponsor, Infinit Nutrition Canada, will be giving out top quality sports nutrition ‘Jetfuel’ throughout the event. Visit their website for more information at https://www.infinitcanada.com/store/pc/home.asp

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: You will need a water bottle, wetsuit (optional)/swimsuit, running shoes, goggles, your number (will be provided at event), as well as a towel and change of clothes for after the race.

Swim caps will be provided for you and will be colour coordinated to your specific race thanks to Swim Capz Inc.

Q: Are there refunds if I can’t race?

A: Speedo Foods Stroke & Stride races are designed to be as affordable as possible, so there’s not a lot of margin to absorb the significant costs of providing refunds. Because of this, we regret we are unable to offer refunds for any reason.

Q:When does online registration close?

A:Online registration will close 48 hours before the race starts (2 days before the event at 6pm).

Q: Packet pick up starts at 4pm. Does packet pick up close at 5pm? My race is later in the day and I was planning on arriving for 6pm, will I be able to pick up my packet then or do I have to come earlier?

A: Packet pick up does start at 4pm, but it can be picked up anytime after 4pm and before your race starts. You can pick up your packet as soon as you arrive to the location, so if that is 6pm for you, then that is perfectly alright.